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  • Strategy development

  • Business development

  • Market research

  • Segmentation and diversification

  • Sales process optimisation

  • Interim management

  • Non-Exec Directorship


We will take the time to understand your business and the aims of your project, working closely with you to deliver the agreed outcomes.

Each project is different, so gaining a deep level of understanding is key to success.  We will bring experience, gained over the last 30 years, to help you achieve your next level of growth 



We help companies at their early stages of revenue, and those better established but struggling to maintain early growth expectations.

Our expertise and experience is best suited to software, science and technology companies, but our strategy development and effective implementation can be applied to any company looking for the next stage in growth



Joluco Ltd. was founded by Dr Ash Johnson to bridge the gap between geoscience and business.  Ash spent the early part of his career as a research scientist in Antarctica, using airborne geophysical techniques to solve problems in global plate tectonics.  He then joined an international geoscientific software company rising to a senior executive position accountable for the company's worldwide revenues.  He has worked with business teams, partners and clients in more than 50 countries, and led strategic initiatives to evolve and transform the business through various stages of growth.

Ash recognises the passion of science and technology company founders and works with them to bring a level of commercial business strategy and implementation needed to take the company to the next stage of revenue growth.  This can involve developing strategies, researching market diversification opportunities, driving sales optimisation and bringing an independent professional perspective to the Board of Directors.


Thank you, we will be in contact soon

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